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Mar 24, 2021 | Edition VFO

Podcast with Marius Lüscher

Untiteled 2020
Untiteled 2020
Untiteled 2020
Untiteled 2020

Marius Lüscher, Untitled, 2020, offset print and monotype, each 70 x 50 cm. .

In the new podcast, we talk to artist Marius Lüscher. As part of the exhibition "Material Transformation," Lüscher produced a series of unique pieces by combining monotype processes with offset printing. In the podcast, the artist talks about the role printmaking plays in his creative processes and how it relates to his photographic and painterly works.

Listen to the March 24 podcast on our Soundcloud profile.

Form-finding is essential in the artistic work of Marius Lüscher. The abstract compositions may appear spontaneous and gestural through their curved lines and the different types of brushstrokes, but they are precisely constructed structures of form that result from a lengthy research process. Marius Lüscher paints lines and surfaces, which he then fragments in order to reassemble them later. In this procedure he uses printmaking to transform his forms by transferring them from one medium to another. If the result surprises, the painting has succeeded.

Untiteled 2019

Marius Lüscher, Untitled, 2019, acrylic paint on canvas, 220 x 170 cm..

Lüscher's use of color gives his series of one-of-a-kind prints an upbeat, and in conjunction with the smooth offset paper, somewhat industrial character. The choice of color is also reminiscent of Lüscher's photographs of Los Angeles. During a stay in L.A. between 2015 and 2016, the artist photographed urban settings, transforming inconspicuous places into aesthetic snapshots. Lüscher's view through the camera captures architecture, urban features, skies and shadows, with the foreground and background merging into abstract-looking surfaces.


Photos from the series Under the Sun, LA by Freddy Perez, 2015/2016. .

Similar to printmaking, the artist uses photography as a means of exploring and developing forms. The photo series "Under The Sun - LA by Freddy Perez" is both a soberly objective and an aesthetically subjective portrait of Los Angeles, the city of dreams. It bears witness to Lüscher's cross-media exploration of abstraction.