Friday, February 26, 2021 | Edition VFO

Podcast with Selina Trepp

Selina Trepp,
Selina Trepp, I'm speaking, 2020, woodcut, silkscreen and hand applied watercolor, 50 x 41 cm

In the podcast, Valérie Hashimoto talks to the Chicago-based Swiss artist Selina Trepp. For the exhibition "Material Transformation", Selina Trepp created the work "I'm Speaking", which combines an edition of watercolor woodcuts and a film.


This edition is Selina Trepp's second project with printmaking. The artist already recognized the potential of printmaking in connection with stop-motion animation the first time around. However, she was unable to deepen this approach because it requires specific expertise and a lot of money. Through her work for "Material Transformation", Trepp was able to examine the relationship between still image and video more closely and use it to illustrate situations in which people are transformed from passive objects of observation into active counterparts.

Ausstellungsansicht mit Selina Trepp, Why I do how I do, and what it does for me, 2018, ink on paper.

Since 2012, Selina Trepp has not brought any new materials into her studio. This radical decision helps her in her creative processes. The materials in the studio are in a constant process of transformation - Trepp's relationship with them resembles that of a director with actors. The work in the print studio is a conscious subversion of this strict working method.