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Nov 26, 2020 | Edition VFO

Podcast with Andrea Heller

Andrea Heller, subtle shift I and subtle shift II, 2020, Lithographs, each 107 x 80 cm.

Our new podcast was created in Andrea Heller's studio in the old town of Biel. We talked with the artist about the creation of her new lithographic works subtle shift I and subtle shift II, as well as about intermediate steps in creative processes, colors, prints and «slight shifts in everyday» life. The works can be seen until January 30, 2021, in the exhibition «When color becomes form» in the Edition VFO.

The motifs of the two lithographs are related to the works from the series a specific place. These ink drawings on large-format pieces of fabric, which Andrea Heller has been working on since 2018, evoke imaginary places, physical and mental structures. In the creative process, Heller uses photography as a means of distancing herself from her paintings and, for example, to look at them with a new perspective, to play with details and scale, and finally to «sample» fragments of them.

Andrea Heller, downstairs (a specific place), 2020, Ink on cotton, 280 x 320 cm.

The media and materials used by Andrea Heller are versatile: from ink paintings and drawings to ceramics, glass and plaster objects. The collaboration with specialists from craft sectors such as glassmakers and printers is an enrichment for the artist. In collaborations the result is often a little bit different than expected.

Works made of glass, clay and plaster in the process of creation.

Andrea Heller has an intuitive approach to color. Even though her color palette has become more colorful over the years, «almost black» remains a recurring element. Like many of Andrea Heller's paintings, the new lithographs are characterized by an interplay of transparent and opaque surfaces that adjoin and overlap each other, as well as by well-balanced, sometimes haze-like color gradients. The title «subtle shift» refers on the one hand to the technical procedure in which the colors were shifted and fused into one another during the printing process.

Ink in numerous variations in the artist's studio