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Jun 12, 2020 | Edition VFO

Podcast with Caroline Bachmann

In our June Podcast we talk with the artist Caroline Bachmman about the lithograph "Sirius A", which was created in the context of the Edition März. We are pleased to present a podcast in French for the first time.

The motif of "Sirius A" originally comes from the painting "Ciel étoilé", in which Caroline Bachmann develops different variations to depict luminous celestial bodies. In the lithograph, the artist has isolated the brightest star, Sirius A, and represented it in the same form as in the painting.

Caroline Bachmann, Ciel étoilé, 2019, oil on canvas

Detail of the painting Ciel étoilé with Sirius A in the bottom center

As the name suggests, Sirius is a double star system. While Sirius A quickly catches the eye because of its brightness, its companion Sirius B remains invisible. Thus, the title of the work suggests the presence of something hidden, something unrecognizable to the naked eye.

Similarly, the historical paintings of Caroline Bachmann are characterized by the absence of human figures. Like Sirius A, whose title evokes the invisible presence of Sirius B, the smoke in this panorama refers to the Helvetians who have just set fire to their villages and fled from the troops of Julius Caesar.

Gemälde "58 av. J.-C." von Caroline Bachmann

Caroline Bachmann, 58 av. J.-C., 2019, oil on canvas (Foto: Gunnar Meier)

The Kunsthaus Glarus is showing the solo exhibition "Caroline Bachmann - 58 av. J.-C." with historical paintings, still lifes and portraits.