Tuesday, April 18, 2023 | Edition VFO

Podcast with Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh, Return & Reply, 2023 - Installation view «From Object to Ornament» I

In conjunction with the exhibition "From Object to Ornament," we present a new podcast featuring New York-based artist Dan Walsh. Walsh's work is characterized by a meticulous attention to detail, consisting of many successive layers. In the conversation, Walsh discusses the importance of printmaking and his artist books as a parallel practice to painting.


Dan Walsh conceived two woodcuts in a square format exploring how form and color relate to each other. The works are complex relief prints based on symmetry, repetition, and alteration. They are made from the same woodblock, that was customized for each print.

Dan Walsh, Return, 2023, Woodcut, 61 x 61 cm

Dan Walsh’s practice involves paintings, drawings, prints and artist books since the early 1990s. His works illustrate the fluidity of motion, straddling between minimalism and geometric abstraction. As minimal and abstract the works may seem, there is always a significant touch of human hand.

Dan Walsh (left) checking the new edition of Return at Wolfensberger's lithographic print shop.

The shapes and colors are often formed through curved lines and rounded angles. Walsh’s work is not only to be seen within abstract-geometric tradition but absorbs also ornamental Arabian tiles, Peruvian fabrics, oriental carpets, Indonesian stupas and Russian icons.