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Jan 3, 2022 | Edition VFO

Podcast with Alexandra Navratil

Exhibition view with the heliogravures of Alexandra Navratil in the edition VFO.

To close the exhibition "On Photography - New Perspectives" we present a new podcast with Alexandra Navratil. In the conversation we talk with the artist about her heliogravures Krakatau 1930 as well as her exploration of the history and materiality of film and photography. You can find the podcast on our Soundcloud profile.

In her artistic work, Alexandra Navratil has been dealing with the history of film and photography for quite some time. The artist is interested not only in the visual imagery but also in the materiality of the images. The Krakatau 1930 edition is excerpts from a roll of celluloid film held in the archives of the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. The reel is the original physical carrier of the Dutch expedition film "Krakatau" from 1930.

Alexandra Navratil, Phantom 2 (entering / slide away), 2014. Triptych with early tracking shots in which the camera was mounted on trains.

Alexandra Navratil finds images that serve a specific purpose, such as in instructions or manuals, particularly interesting. Accordingly, she repeatedly works with image collections from the fields of medicine and industry. Abstract-looking motifs - such as the cloud formations in Krakatau 1930 - can also be found again and again in her work. The artist does her research in photographic and film archives.

Alexandra Navratil, Under Saturn (Act1), 2018, Videostill.

The step from image research to artistic implementation usually occurs automatically. Navratil's weakness for the tautological penetrates her choice of technique and materials. So the artist brings the medium together with the content by following the internal logic of the images. Whether as video projection, slides, heliogravure or woven in fabric, the materialization of the images found plays a central role and draws our attention to the boundary between image and image carrier.

Listen to the new podcast on Soundcloud and learn more about Alexandra Navratil's work.