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Jun 4, 2021 | Edition VFO

Edition June: «On Photography: Landscape, Cityscape, Interior»

Edition VFO is pleased to present the two-part exhibition "On Photography", which will open at Zurich Art June with the first part "Landscape, Cityscape, Interior". The second part of the exhibition "New Perspectives" will be shown at the Zurich Art Weekend in September 2021 and will be accompanied by a publication. The current show presents two newly commissioned works, by Axel Hütte and Annelies Štrba, plus previously published works by Guido Baselgia, Daniela Comani, Katrin Freisager, Georg Gatsas, Monica Ursina Jäger, Simone Kappeler, Walter Pfeiffer, Beat Streuli, Cécile Wick, Uwe Wittwer, and Andreas Züst.

In the exhibition we illustrate the fruitful and exciting relationship between photography and printmaking in relation to the categories of landscape, urban space, and interior. The relevance of our immediate domestic environment, as well as a more conscious relationship to nature and urban space, has increased significantly in the last year. Photography as documentation and memory of past travels and experiences also play an increasingly instrumental role. Excitingly, most of the photographic works published by Edition VFO in recent years and decades can also be seen in the context of landscape photography.

On the relationship between photography and printmaking:

Although a close relationship between printmaking and photography began as early as the 1960s with Pop Art, it reached its inexorable climax with the introduction of digital printing when inkjet printers became available on the market in the 1990s. With its quick, easy, and near-perfect translation of photographic subjects, this technology virtually eliminated the need for photo transfers in printmaking. Despite the higher costs and the multi-step processes, there are still numerous arguments in favor of creating works in a classic photo-technical print matrix, since the color, contrast, warmth and also the feel of the image can be significantly determined by hand-crafted, analog interventions. This does not mean, however, that techniques such as inkjet or UV printing and digital editing, which is as important in terms of craftsmanship, have less value, because digital prints also have their artistic raison d'être. It is rather the claim to emphasize the creative media discourse and the numerous technical and artistic possibilities that characterizes the works in this exhibition.

About the individual works:

Guido Baselgia's classic lithographs printed directly from stone haptically illustrate how nature can be translated as a material phenomenon. Annelies Štrba's new pointillist screenprint titled “yama” shows the sensual experience of a landscape alienated as a fleeting memory. Cécile Wick's lithographs and Simone Kappeler's Cibachrome illustrate how travel and the transience of the spatial play a major role in one's surroundings. The works of Kathrin Freisager and Monica Ursina Jäger demonstrate in very different ways how our understanding of landscape can arise from a connection between a personal construction and social utopia. Andreas Züst's photo etchings, on the other hand, show how natural elements can function as ideas, metaphors, and as expressions of emotion all at once. The landscape works are complemented by the interior and urban depictions, while those are partly inspired by landscape photography. This is also the case with Daniela Comani's portraits of televisions, whose reflective flash evokes the sunset in an imaginary landscape. Axel Hütte's new work brings to life the interior of the Zunfthaus zur Meisen in Zurich; through inversion and an UV-print on silver coated mirror foil, the negative space appears like a luminous, moving phantom. Uwe Wittwer's inverted interiors function in a completely different way, showing how close photography, painting and digital printing are to each other. The intimacy of interior photography, which has become ubiquitous on social media these days, has lost some of its appeal, not so with Walter Pfeiffer, whose inkjet print creates an intimate slice of a still life full of spontaneity and elegance. The urban photographs of Georg Gatsas and Beat Streuli illustrate an atmosphere of normality and everydayness, focusing on anonymity and the significance of cultural diversity in urban spaces such as London's Brixton or Zurich, as well as an altered view of the seemingly banal.

The exhibition "On Photography: Landscape, Cityscape, Interior" will be shown until August 7, 2021. Longer texts on individual works and groups of works can be found online under the respective artists. For image requests or further information, please contact David Khalat at info(at)

Axel Hütte,"Einsiedlerzimmer, Zunfthaus zur Meisen, Zürich", 2021, UV Digital Print on Invercote Duo silver coated mirror foil.