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May 7, 2021 | Edition VFO

Podcast with Christine Streuli

Exhibition view with Christine Streuli's series Splash!_01-04.

Discover our new podcast, in which we talk with Christine Streuli about her creative process in printmaking and painting, as well as her cross-space installations. Listen to the May 7 podcast on our Soundcloud profile.

Already for the fourth time Christine Streuli produces works for Edition VFO. The current series is a continuation of the installative painting that she showed, among other things, in her last solo exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Thun.

Christine Streuli, Splash!_04, 2020, lithograph, 55 x 41.2 cm.

Although lithography as a technique requires a completely different approach than painting, Christine Streuli does not separate printmaking from the rest of her work. Thus, in her printmaking works, the artist continues to explore the same issues she is currently working on. What results from her collaboration with the printer Thomi Wolfensberger inspires her in turn for her work in the studio and always provides a new direction that she wants to pursue further in other media.

Christine Streuli, Long arms, short legs, 2020, mixed media direct to wall and canvas, 550 x 2301 cm, Courtesy Galerie Mark Müller, Zurich and Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Hamburg/Beirut and the artist. Photo: David Aebi.

In the new works for Edition VFO, Christine Streuli explores the same question as in her exhibition "Long Arms, Short Legs," which was presented at the Kunstmuseum Thun in 2020, namely where a painting begins and where it ends. Streuli's cross-space installations as well as her small-format works in the current exhibition "Material Transformation" testify to her experimental exploration of the question of what painterly gestures can mean in space.