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Apr 14, 2021 | Edition VFO

Podcast with Luigi Archetti

Exhibition view with Luigi Archetti's series Scores (Interferences) I-III.

In the new podcast we talk with Luigi Archetti about the series of lithographs "Partitures (Interferences)" and about the connection between music and visual art. Listen to Archetti's viewing guide as well as a musical interpretation of the works in the April 14 podcast on our Soundcloud profile.

For the new edition, Archetti has written a brief instruction. In a calm voice, the artist guides our gaze over the lines, inviting us to perceive the visual impressions as sonorous sensations. Through this meditative and cross-sensory form of contemplation, the images are meant to accompany us inwardly and resonate within us even after the fact.

Luigi Archetti, Scores (Interferences) III, 2020, lithographs, 42 x 29.7 cm..

Luigi Archetti's artistic practice revolves around the intersection of art and music, which he seeks to make tangible in a variety of ways. In his installation-based productions, he uses drawing, painting, video, and sound to create spaces of tension and multilayered systems of reference. The vocabulary of music manifests itself not only in the ideas and implementation of the works, but also in the direct use of objects and terminology from this field.

Installation view of the exhibition "SOUNDOFF" at Kunsthalle Wil..

Luigi Archetti's works build a multiple nested system of references and interactions. A passionate artist and musician, Archetti moves in a constant oscillation between these, for him, inseparable divisions. Beguilingly, he entices us to transcend the boundaries of seeing and hearing, and to experience the world anew in the simultaneity of both.

The Kunsthalle Wil is showing the solo exhibition "SOUNDOFF" until April 18, 2021, featuring installations that transcend space.