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18.02.2021 - 29.05.2021 | Edition February 2021

Material Transformation

The exhibition "Material Transformation" brings together seven different artistic positions with numerous new works. The artists explore an overarching theme that surveys technical and media-specific possibilities, namely, to understand printmaking as an open and discursive artistic medium. In doing so, it is important to us with the positions shown to include numerous artistic genres such as music, video, sculpture or architecture and to explore their mutual dialogue with printmaking. The show presents a series of new editions that explore the aspect of material transformation in terms of drawing, data, media, and painting, with the exhibition's many unique pieces presenting themselves as a necessary condition of production.

Luigi Archetti shows three lithographs of his graphic scores, which transform musical vibrations into visual formal language. Michael Günzburger translates drinkable and edible objects into monotypes. The relief-like monotype is shown next to an oversized unique piece to present the possibilities of printmaking in a monumental manner. Marius Lüscher, on the other hand, presents smooth works created on light offset paper that offer a processual approach to printmaking, namely the use of brush drawings and cut-out paper collages as a basis for exposing offset plates, which are given an additional layer thanks to a color gradient applied by monotype. Karin Sander realized a classic "landscape" depicting the Matterhorn in a four-color polymer plaster print made from Google Earth data. Visitors to the exhibition can not only view the Matterhorn as a sculpture, but also fly over the data matrix in a 3D animation. Elza Sīle, on the other hand, shows aluminum panels with the silkscreen of an architectural stencil ruler. Her numerous interventions with hand engraving and oil paint are codes that question painting, printing, and architecture as spatial modalities. Four lithographs by Christine Streuli present color explosions that coalesce in different planes. The worlds of these works, inspired by large formats, deconstruct the necessity of large wall surfaces for successful and coherent painterly interventions. With the watercolor woodcuts "I'm Speaking," Chicago-based artist Selina Trepp stages the televised debate appearance of Kamala Harris, the new vice president of the United States. Through the use of stop-motion, the individual sheets are transformed into video and brought to life for the exhibition.

We are excited to try out some new forms of presentation with this showcase, and hope that it will open up new outlooks for both intermedia discourse and creative engagement with printmaking. We hope you enjoy reading the individual texts on the artworks as well as visiting our exhibition.

Photography: Sabina Bösch