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27.03.2020 - 30.05.2020 | Edition March 2020

Intaglio and Lithography. Works on Paper


Barbara Davatz, Vittorio Santoro, Rebekka Steiger, Caroline Bachmann, Foto: Sabina Bösch

Rebekka Steiger, Caroline Bachmann, Not Vital, Cédric Eisenring, Foto: Sabina Bösch

Barbara Davatz, Vittorio Santoro, Foto: Sabina Bösch

Rebekka Steiger, Caroline Bachmann, Not Vital, Foto: Sabina Bösch

Cédric Eisenring, Foto: Sabina Bösch

Leiko Ikemura, Richard Deacon, Marc Bauer, Foto: Sabina Bösch

Marc Bauer, Vera Rothamel, Foto: Sabina Bösch

Francisco Sierra, Foto: Sabina Bösch

Julia Steiner, Foto: Sabina Bösch

Edition VFO is pleased to present a new exhibition titled „Intaglio and Lithography: Works on Paper“ featuring new works by Caroline Bachmann, Barbara Davatz, Cédric Eisenring, Vittorio Santoro, Rebekka Steiger and Not Vital.

All new works have been produced for the show and explore printing as formats of contemporary art production spanning techniques of aquaint, heliogravure, lithography, photolithography and embossing.
Additionally to the newly produced work in the main exhibition space, the show spans two adjacent rooms. Each room is dedicated to either intaglio or lithography with works by Marc Bauer, Richard Deacon, Leiko Ikemura, Dominique Lämmli, Vera Rothamel, Francisco Sierra and Julia Steiner.

This medium focussed showcase intends to explore the variety of possibilities enabled by printmaking not only for the sake of reproduction but as a multi-level creative process within contemporary art production.

You can find information about the individual works under the following link: Edition March 2020.