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24.11.2018 - 27.02.2019 | Works from the last 20 years

Abstraction | Representation

Edition VFO is pleased to present the exhibition "Abstraction | Representation" with works by Daniele Buetti, Günther Förg, CLare Goodwin, Cécile Hummel, Claudia & Julia Müller, Elodie Pong, Giacomo Santiago Rogado, Vittorio Santoro, Albrecht Schnider, Shirana Shahbazi, Barbara Signer, Not Vital, and Uwe Wittwer.

The exhibition juxtaposes different positions of abstraction with photographic and figurative works. Variations in arrangement, color and printing reflect the rich diversity of works from the past 20 years. „Abstraction | Representation“ spans a wide range of works between non-objectivity and objectivity, showing various possibilities and creative approaches within both in print.

The exhibition begins with a series of abstract works. In the three works of Jean-Luc Manz named „Col de chemise“. As Paul Tanner writes in the catalog for the Graphische Sammlung der ETH Zurich for the exhibition DO NOT WALK OUTSIDE THIS AREA. „The basic shapes circle, square and triangle are here trimmed, cut in half or inserted at the upper edge of the paper as a depiction of the collar ornament.“ Corsin Fontana is represented with works from the series «Horizontal triad». The quadriptych of this lithograph series unites the three colors, black, yellow and orange within a grid. The works of the artist, who lives in Basel, are reminiscent of the designs of the New Yorker Brice Marden for the windows of the Basel Münster from the late 1980s in their geometric vocabulary. The purely abstract part of the exhibition is rounded off by a triptych by Günther Förg from 2002. The works from Förg‘s late work mark a departure from formal minimalism and show a brighter palette of colors.

Exhibition view Jean-Luc Manz - Col de chemise I - III, 1998; Corsin Fontana - Horizontaler Dreiklang, 1998.

Exhibition view Günther Förg - Ohne Titel 2002/I-III.

The next part of the exhibition is dedicated to the works between abstraction and image. The works vary in format and design and combine different printing techniques. A wall-mounted and screen-printed object by Vittorio Santoro, combines the compositional structure of a picture by Piet Mondrian with a detailed view of the charioteer of Delphi, an antique statue from the 5th century BC. The work unites the static lines of modernist composition and the depiction of the mobile dynamics of ancient sculpture into heliogravure, the buildings change their character, lose their photographic, „material“ body and gain in transparency and graphic clarity.

Exhibition view Vittorio Santoro - Composition (Hêniokhos) 2014.

Exhibition view Cécile Hummel - Memphis I, II/2017.

The works of Claudia and Julia Müller, Giacomo Santiago Rogado, Dominik Stauch and Barbara Davi combine numerous ornamental assemblages with patterns. On the one hand, the works depict well-known mo- tifs: furniture, people, sculptures, interiors, on the other hand, abstract features are included or juxta- posed in the pictorial space, so that abstract shapes and images face each other and overlap. What these works have in common is their playful way of capturing quotations from the past, alienating them with abstract characteristics, and revising them from a contemporary perspective.

Exhibition view Claudia and Julia Müller - Sigmunds Teppich, 2012; Daniele Buetti – «Dreams result in more Dreams» 1, 2013.

Exhibition view Giacomo Santiago Rogado – «Sentinel», 2011.

The third and last part of the exhibition is essentially concerned with the depicting character of representations, whereby here too a degree of abstraction flows into the works. Shirana Shahbazi‘s work „Erzurum & some other place“ shows an armchair as a black and white motif that is overprinted with a translucent red creating an eerie mood. The manipulated photographs of Daniele Buetti, who was also prominently represented in the „Fashion Drive“ exhibition of the Kunsthaus Zürich, create a mood of seducing aestheticization, and a comfort that is dialectically paired with discomfort.

Exhibition view Daniel Buetti - «Dreams result in more Dreams» 1-4, 2013; Dominik Stauch - < SRV I, II > 2013; Albrecht Schnider - Ohne Titel, 2014; Shirana Shahbazi - Erzurum & some other place, 2014.

Four works by Uwe Wittwer from 2003 take up negatively alienated interiors by the Dutch painter Pieter de Hooch (1629-1684). Through the reversal of the illustrations as well as the suppression of objects and persons, the representations are completely reinterpreted. The lithograph „Holy Mountain/Deep Blue“ by Barbara Signer is in spite of its flat format, a plastic. It shows an abstract, white form against a blue background, which seems almost ghostly. Using techniques of imprinting, Signer achieves a hyperreal effect alluding to 21st century digital aesthetics.

Exhibition view Barbara Signer - Holy Mountain/Deep Blue, 2014; Uwe Wittwer - Intérieur negativ/positiv 1 and 2, 2003

Altogether, the exhibition is dedicated to a broad spectrum of print work that oscillates between abstraction and representation giving a brief insight into various motifs, media and techniques.

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