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27.02.2019 - 29.05.2019 | February 2019

Intersections – Print, Photo, Object

The exhibition for the Edition 2019 shows works by Cristian Andersen, Beni Bischof, Max Grüter, Kotscha Reist, Sonja Maria Schobinger and Fridolin Walcher


Exhibition View Beni Bischof - Kamel, 2018

Exhibition View Beni Bischof - Finger, 2018

Beni Bischof is known for his multi-layered and humorous artistic works that take everyday situations ad absurdum and present the old familiar in a new, stimulating way. With two new works created especially for the Edition VFO, Bischof convinces in a familiar manner. Here, viewers may smile about overlong fingers and question pictorial references between camel humps and the user interface of an image editing program.

Exhibition View Cristian Andersen - Ohne Titel 1 - 4, 2019

In his works, Cristian Andersen combines classical elements from painting with elements and symbols from the digital world. In the four prints developed for the edition VFO, pavatex plates are used as a background for the "digital painting". The works are reminiscent of a contemporary interpretation of the abstract vocabulary of a Miró, the ironic imagery of the pop of a Michel Majerus, and the loose pictorial structure of a Dadaist collage sheet.

Exhibition View Kotscha Reist - Cuts I and II, 2018

Kotscha Reist's work is characterized by the painterly discourse of interpreting photographic templates from everyday life. The artist repeatedly abstracts everyday motifs and practices to the point of apparent unrecognizability, challenging viewers to make their own references to their origins. In the large-format lithographs of the "Cuts" series, abstract lines take center stage, their specific arrangement suggesting the appearance of a deep-spatial illusion.

Exhibition View Max Grüter - Augenblick, 2018 and Trinity, 2018

The object works "Trinity" and "Augenblick" created for Edition VFO originate from Max Grüter's work cycle "Homeless Memories". These are grid-like drawings generated on the computer using a 3D model, which were cut out of aluminum sheet by laser or water jet with the highest precision and then anodized in various colors.

Exhibition Views Maria Schobinger - Stillleben mit Krug 2016, 2018and Fridolin Walcher - Lempuyang Bali 1 and 3, 2015, 2018

Elements of nature serve Sonja Maria Schobinger as physical substance to give her thoughts a metaphysical expression. In her photograph "Still Life with Jug", she thematizes the clash of two seemingly separate worlds: that of nature and culture.

The series of paintings "Lempuyang, Bali" by Fridolin Walcher was created in 2015 during the rainy season on the Indonesian island of Bali. Raum und Zeit scheinen sich in Walchers Fotografien aufzulösen, wodurch der Blick auf die ewige Schönheit der Landschaft frei wird. Der Künstler stellt sich den Energien der Natur: Felslandschaften, Gletscherwelten, Urwälder. «Lempuyang, Bali» ist der erste Platinum-Palladium Druck, den die Edition VFO herausgibt. The Platinum-Palladium process is an ancient photographic noble printing process.