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27.01.2022 - 28.05.2022 | Edition January 2022

Notes on Abstraction

Exhibition View with works from Evelina Cajacob, Pia Fries and John Armleder

John Armleder, Walead Beshty, Evelina Cajacob, Pia Fries & Bethan Huws

Opening: Thursday, January 27, 2022, 4 to 8 pm

Exhibition: January 28 to May 28

We are pleased to present the new exhibition "Notes on Abstraction". The group show includes new works by John Armleder, Walead Beshty, Evelina Cajacob, Pia Fries and Bethan Huws. The idea for this exhibition developed from geometric abstraction. However, the concept of abstraction as a way of thinking goes much further than the formal in abstract art. For example, language, money, and media, are all forms of abstraction. It is a broad field that involves thought patterns, imagery, language, and socio-political norms of our everyday life. The exhibition "Notes on Abstraction" is intended to give space to precisely this multifaceted examination of the subject by contemporary artists, and in doing so to make visible factors of content and form. Consequently, two approaches open up, which can take on an intellectually deconstructivist, or an intuitive, organic form. Thus, we present a broad field of works to show how abstraction can be understood today.

John Armleder presents a new format of his renowned dot works in gold and black. Armleder selects all four techniques of classical printmaking – relief printing, planographic printing, intaglio, and silkscreen - for this new series, titled "Sooner or Later," and lets us explore in detail the similarities and differences between the four square works. Walead Beshty's new works explore the abstract totality of money, as a means for art production, a form of governance and a system of value. With monochrome gold-printed US one-Dollar notes the artist uncovers the readymade system of money as well as of the art world. In revealing the transparency of production, questioning the forms of circulation as well as scarcity, Beshty simultaneously determines and questions the concepts of value and authenticity. Evelina Cajacob explores the power of curved lines. In the first directly on the stone drawn lithographs Cajacob simulates the lightness of spatial movement. The resulting subtle textures invite our imagination to dwell at ease and comprehend the meditative quality of these works. Pia Fries, on the other hand, takes us into a world of abstract painterly gestures with her new series of unique works. In various complex stages, Fries unites screen printing and painting on one surface to create a play of intertwined layers and colors. And finally, Bethan Huws presents us a neon work based on art historical narratives. As common to Huws' conceptual practice, the artist lets us evaluate the socio-political meaning of art oscillating in between language and image.

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Exhibition View: Pia Fries, John Armleder

Exhibition View: Evelina Cajacob

Exhibition View: John Armleder

Exhibition View: Evelina Cajacob, Pia Fries and John Armleder

Exhibition View: Pia Fries

Exhibition View: Bethan Huws, Walead Beshty

Exhibition View: Bethan Huws

Exhibition View: Walead Beshty

Exhibition View: Walead Beshty