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11.06.2021 - 07.08.2021 | Edition June 2021

«On Photography: Landscape, Cityscape, Interior»

Edition VFO is pleased to present the double exhibition "On Photography", which will open at Zurich Art June with the first part "Landscape, Cityscape, Interior". The second part of the exhibition "New Perspectives" will be shown at the Zurich Art Weekend in September 2021 and will be accompanied by a publication. The current show will present one newly commissioned and edited work by Axel Hütte and Annelies Štrba at a time, plus previously published works by Guido BaselgiaDaniela ComaniKatrin FreisagerGeorg GatsasMonica Ursina JägerSimone KappelerWalter PfeifferBeat StreuliCécile WickUwe Wittwer and Andreas Züst.

In the exhibition we illustrate the fruitful and exciting relationship between photography and printmaking in relation to the categories of landscape, urban space and interior. The relevance of our immediate domestic environment, as well as a more conscious relationship to nature and urban space, has increased significantly in the last year. Photography as documentation and memory of past travels and experiences also play an increasingly special role. Excitingly, most of the photographic works published by Edition VFO in recent years and decades can also be seen in the context of landscape spaces. For more information or the press release, visit our website or contact us at: