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February 2016

  • Igl tor muribund - pel digl tor (41 Unikate) 2015
  • Coat print/dermotype (unique)
  • Edition of: 41
  • Size of image: 55,00 cm x 33,00 cm
  • Size: 76,00 cm x 55,00 cm
  • Production: Arno Hassler, Moutier
  • CHF 900.00
  • available
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Igl tor muribund:
Also with this graphic series Mirko Baselgia completes a cycle, the one about the bull. For a long time he questioned the handling of the ("product") bull. From the artist's point of view it is "done" three times, it is a death in three installments: The bull is dehorned, castrated, slaughtered. Baselgia has created works on all three stages in recent years. With the dehorning, the animal is deprived of its "weapons". Horn copies made of alabaster have become exhibits. With castration, reproduction and part of the wild power are stopped. As a symbol of this, Baselgia has had bull testicles cast in bronze. The physical death of the animal is now treated in this series of prints. The fur of an adult bull was cut into 41 pieces and used as a print template (one can speak of a "dermotype"). There is only one print from each piece of fur. The bull is, like every animal and now also as a work of art, something unique, a unicum.

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