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Marco Ganz

*1961 Zurich, lives in Zurich

  • Cibachrome 2015
  • Cibachrome in plexiglass frame
  • Edition of: 20
  • Dimensions: 33,00 cm x 48,00 cm x 5,00 cm
  • Production: Wilhelm Lother, Adliswil
  • CHF 1900.00
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Extremely saturated colours, which appear here like coloured stage lights from the dark, are typical for Cibachrome. This work presents fifteen colours in a box frame of polished Plexiglas, reminiscent of a theatre stage. The Ilford company, the last manufacturer of this exclusive photographic paper, unfortunately no longer exists. This means that not only the mirror finish typical of Cibachrome disappears, but also its technicolor iridescent color palette with its spectacular shades of red. This edition still holds it, by means of a composition of colour filters through which it was exposed directly onto the positive material. Cibachrome can reproduce colours of the highest saturation thanks to separate layers for yellow, magenta and cyan. The shades shown here were created using professional color filters for stage lighting: Congo Blue, for example, is a deep blue filter that can be used to illuminate theater stages with "soft, romantic mood light" - or, as here, to expose this mysterious violet blue tone onto photographic material. Special thanks go to Wilhelm Lother, who exposed the colour tones in his specialist laboratory for different lengths of time and corrected the colour - until the Cibachrome prints corresponded exactly to the original. The deep black plexiglass frames were manufactured by the Mecacryl company in Pfäffikon (ZH). Colours: Congo Blue, Jade, Scarlet, Virgin Blue, Spring Yellow, Oklahoma Yellow, Vanity Fair, Bray Blue, Lagoon Blue, Primary Red, Bastard Pink, Scuba Blue, Lime Green, Crysalis Pink, Tokyo Blue. (Original designations Lee Filters).

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  • Inkjet 2014
  • Inkjet print in white wooden box frame
  • Edition of: 21
  • Size of image: 28,00 cm x 250,00 cm
  • Production: Beat & Susan Etter, Zurich
  • CHF 1700.00
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Inkjet: A colour spectrum that virtually flies away. Inkjet was printed with an inkjet printer which, thanks to new, lightfast pigment inks, can reproduce the finest colour tones better than ever. Even the panorama format - the framed work stretches to a full two and a half meters - would be unthinkable with classical printing techniques. What here, however, seems and should seem completely natural, namely simply a seductive color spectrum, is a composition for which dozens of color tones have been determined, positioned, programmed, interpolated, printed and optically adjusted again and again. The colourfulness of the original print is due to the ink colours Yellow, Orange, Vivid Magenta, Vivid Light Magenta, Cyan, Light Cyan, Green and Black. It goes without saying that this colour palette cannot be reproduced in four-colour printing. As far as the effect of the colours is concerned, this work can only be judged in the original. Inkjet does not show what one might suspect at first glance: We don't see a sunlight spectrum here, but a newly developed colour tone with a symmetry, with a cold and a warm half. The kinetic effect of the gradient is accelerated by a spear-shaped silhouette, which also seems to penetrate into the invisible spectral ranges. A work, by the way, that flies more beautifully when hung higher than usual.

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  • Color Beauty Case (2012)
  • Closed Plexiglas object with 14 painted pigment colours
  • Edition of: 15
  • Dimensions: 43,00 cm x 62,00 cm x 3,00 cm
  • Production: Marco Ganz
  • CHF 3200.00
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Color Beauty Case is a showcase like work of art, a kind of wonder chamber of noble color pigments. In particular, historical colour shades can be discovered, which have become great rarities due to their rarity, high price, difficult processing and sometimes also their toxicity. The specially produced pigment colours were painted in up to twenty layers by the artist, so even pigments with very poor coverage are deep, rich shades. The mineral lapis lazuli, for example, presents itself not as a hint of watercolour, but as a magnificent, magnificent blue. Contained are, from top to bottom: Pink Colours, Lapis Lazuli, Schweinfurt Green, Irgazin Ruby, British Racing Green, Bleu Guimet, Aureolin, Epidote, Egyptian Green, Han Purple, Cinnabar, Alizarin Violet, Naples Yellow Citron and Copper Blue.

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  • "Paintbox Deluxe" 2009
  • Serigraphy on satin Plexiglas
  • Edition of: 40
  • Production: Lorenz Boegli, Müntschemier
  • CHF 1100.00
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The increasing colourfulness of our environment suggests that we are now constantly confronted with all existing colour shades. However, there are also colours that are too expensive for everyday use, with rare pigments that can only be found in exclusive artist colours. "Paintbox Deluxe" presents thirteen special shades on a large-format colour sample board - so that they do what colours do: they seduce, they beguile, they irritate us, they flirt with each other, or they bite each other. Nature shows us that this game works especially well with colours that are unique in their power and beauty: An almost fragrant pink, an almost hypnotic cobalt violet, an orange that is hard to beat in luminosity. Paintbox Deluxe" was realized with artist acrylic paints from France, England, Germany, Italy and America. Most of the colours consist of only one pigment and are therefore of unsurpassable purity. The designations come from the paint manufacturers or from the artist who himself has formulated and christened various colour shades. The following colours appear: Delft blue, Indian yellow, Bleu de Céruléum, Rouge Pornographique, Blood red, Cadmium orange, Bleu de Cobalt, Pink, Violetto Cobalto Rossastro, Bud green, Lemon flesh, Phthaloturquoise, Oriental green. The 13 colours were silk-screen printed in 32 passes on the carrier plate in a glazed overprint.

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