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Giacomo Santiago Rogado

*1979 Lucerne, lives in Berlin

  • < Sentinel > 2011
  • Drypoint/Editing/Aquatint
  • Edition of: 25
  • Size: 44,00 cm x 60,00 cm
  • Production: Druckwerkstatt Lenzburg
  • CHF 460.00
  • available
  • Inquiry

"Sentinel" is the first work of Giacomo Santiago Rogado for the VFO. Be it the pensive gaze of the portrayed figure, the visually vibrating surface of the abstract pictorial invention or the inserted cloud landscape - the painter Rogado plays a subtle game with various pictorial traditions. From romantic ideas to surrealistic dream images to the constructive formal language of the 1950s and its manifestations in Op Art, the artist makes use of the most diverse styles. This, however, not in the sense of quotations, but rather in sounding out the possibilities of painting itself. Entirely in the tradition of the genre, Rogado's works can be understood as windows to another, remote, perhaps even past world, which, far from any claim to truth, is solely the work of our imagination. "It's about delaying the first glance as long as possible. To delay the first glance so long that it is more than just a glance, but a contemplation, a view or even a state." (GSR)

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