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Stefan Burger

*1977 Müllheim/Baden DE, lives and works in Zurich

  • «Deponie der Schlüsselreize», 2019,
  • Bottle object unique mouth-blown with 1 litre apple brandy by Manuel Burgener, box with two-sided silkscreen print on cardboard, artist book with 4-colour indigo print on Lessebo rough natural. Production: Novotný-Glass, Nový Bor and Burger Druck GmbH, Wa
  • Edition of: 22
  • Dimensions: 23,00 cm x 19,00 cm x 19,00 cm
  • Production: Novotný-Glass, Nový Bor
  • CHF 1280.00
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The edition by Stefan Burger is a genie in a bottle. "Deponie der Schlüsselreize" combines a glass object, an artist's book and a silk-screen printed box to create a presentation choreography of an apple brandy.

The bottle object was made by Stefan Burger in the Novotný-Glass studio in the Bohemian glass town of Novy-Bor. Each piece was hand-blown by the artist and his assistants. The protrusions and decorations of these unique specimens, oscillating between kitsch and illness, are perfectly suited to grasp the bottle. All sorts of spirits should invite you to enjoy the apple brandy, which the artist Manuel Burgener distilled especially for the edition of his colleague.

The photographs in the middle section of the artist's book are also from Nový Bor. They show glass tables and sculptures in the snowy show garden of a glass processor. At the centre of the exhibits, which are half displayed and half exhibited alongside compost containers and building materials, is a glass gate inviting transgression, through which one passes from one reality to exactly the same one.

Further images in the artist book are mobile phone photos that Burger has collected over the past 10 years. They document unconsciously formed small objects while having a drink or conversation. These usually consist of materials that are within reach on a laid table, such as napkins, champagne cork wire or toothpicks. Burger's banal photographs lend these banal everyday objects a banal character and also convey their fragile, casual quality.

With "Deponie der Schlüsselreize" Burger continues the tradition of bottle objects, to which artists such as Meret Oppenheim, Martin Kippenberger and Marcel Broodthaers have contributed.

The Kunsthalle Bern dedicated a solo exhibition to Stefan Burger in 2017. In 2016 the artist made a residency at the Istituto Svizzero in Rome.

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