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Bastien Aubry * 1974 Dimitri Broquard * 1969 live in Zurich

  • < Agglo-Box >, 2016 (Unikate)
  • Painted and glazed porcelain, digital print transfer
  • Edition of: 21
  • Dimensions: 33,00 cm x 33,00 cm x 3,50 cm
  • Production: Eric Rihs, Galerie des Emibois
  • CHF 1200.00
  • Sold
  • Inquiry

For Aubry & Broquard everyday objects are the starting points for adaptations and abstractions. The appeal of their works lies in their play with the everyday and in caricature, good and bad taste. For the present edition the artists have chosen the theme "agglomeration". The topography, architecture and building materials of these places often appear very diverse and arbitrarily chosen. This mixture of "unsuitable" aesthetics interested them. A pizza with its very different and sometimes inappropriate combination of ingredients, freely scattered, makes one think of an agglomeration structure. The short-lived utility object of the pizza box is here transformed into a valuable object made of porcelain. Each work is a hand-painted unique specimen, equipped with additional digitally reproduced image fragments from different pizza boxes. The painting combines the two image levels and creates an illusion: What is painted? What is digitally reproduced? Similar to the principle of agglomeration - often a colourful mix without specific aesthetic demands - the design levels are mixed together to form a unique ceramic object.

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