Verena–Conzett–Strasse 7
8004 Zurich

T +41 44 241 53 00

Judith Albert

*1969 Sarnen, lives in Zurich

  • stream 2016
  • Video
  • Edition of: 17
  • Dimensions: 7,30 cm x 10,80 cm x 1,50 cm
  • Production: Gery Hofer, Zurich
  • CHF 2000.00
  • Sold
  • Inquiry

In the video work stream by Judith Albert we become the observer of the observer: we are in a papier-mâché cave, in the foreground the artist crouches on the floor and looks almost motionlessly at the world outside. The cave and the artist's silhouette are black, while the "world" passes by in beguiling, interlocking fields of colour. The geometric structures hardly reveal anything representational, sometimes they remind one of a landscape, of cities - but they dissolve again immediately and "stream" on swarmingly.
We watch the artist as she looks at them and imagine ourselves in a better (higher) position, but forget that we are simply deeper in the cave and know no more than she does. A wide field of interpretations opens up to us: Do we think of an ironic hint to Plato's allegory of the cave, of the shadows we think are the real world? Or do we look over the shoulder of a figure by Caspar David Friedrich (the monk by the sea or the hiker in the mountains) and lose ourselves longingly in the vastness of the landscape? Do we want to make the comparison that, from the point of view of evolution, we are still sitting in a cave, but have technologies at our disposal that overwhelm, lull us and have long since overtaken us?
Judith Albert's video tells in a great way, en miniature, about dreaming, watching, travelling, experiencing the world and its possible interpretations.

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