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Edy Brunner

* 1943 Bern, lives in Wädenswil

  • Apollo 11, 1969/2009
  • Inkjet printing
  • Edition of: 40
  • Size of image: 50,00 cm x 84,50 cm
  • Size: 70,70 cm x 104,50 cm
  • Production: Markus Zuber, Küttigen
  • CHF 640.00
  • available
  • Inquiry

"Apollo 11", the first manned lunar landing vehicle, exerted an enormous fascination on the people who were able to experience it via radio or television. Edy Brunner wanted to create a work of art that would radiate something of the overwhelming effect this event had on people. The work should have a supra-individual character. To achieve this, he used the technique of succession photography by installing a film camera with single-frame switching in front of the colour television set, which - taking one picture every second - documented the entire live broadcast from the launch preparations to the successful return of the astronauts and their welcome by the American president. The films were copied onto photographic paper, each image (23,688 in total) was inserted into a screen-like plastic frame and mounted in vertical order on 11 panels. The artist assembled these into a tableau almost 10 metres long [see lower part of the VFO graphic] - a frozen time-lapse image of the event.

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