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8004 Zurich
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Andreas Marti

* 1967 Zurich, lives in Zurich

  • Nach der Ortung 2009
  • Direct flat printing/lithography
  • Edition of: 25
  • Size of image: 54,00 cm x 97,00 cm
  • Size: 54,00 cm x 97,00 cm
  • Production: Thomi Wolfensberger, Zurich
  • CHF 580.00
  • available
  • Inquiry

"In his works, Andreas Marti deals with questions of the visual representation of reality, whose various forms of representation he explores precisely and at the same time intuitively. The starting point for his drawings, photographic works and installations is his interest in physical and natural phenomena, processes in nature and mathematical systems. Marti encounters the complex laws, the partially unrepresentable processes underlying these «pictorial objects» with a pictorial language that is characterized by a factual, «impersonal» handwriting and is oriented towards a scientifically motivated visual mediation of theoretical facts" (Irene Müller). «Graphite» an often used medium in my graphic work, is made from the medium to the content of the lithograph. The surface of a graphite particle spreads out like a landscape at x thousand times the magnification of a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The «invisible» of a graphite grain is made visible as a photographic fact. Drawing interventions complement photography and are arranged and spread out within it. The factual images of photography complement each other with «new facts». Sharpness and blurriness alternate in an interplay." (A.M.)

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